• Brenda Ross was our Realtor for both the sale of our house and the purchase of a new house and she was phenomenal! She got us top-dollar on the sale of our house by providing expert advice on how to prepare the house for best showing, and she staged the house to make it look fresh & inviting! Brenda helped us find our perfect house and oversaw all the details so that the houses closed together. She was a pleasure to work with every step of the way and we highly recommend her!!
    Name: Sharon Tyler

  • Brenda is the best! A true professional in her field. Mom's health was failing and she was living alone during Covid. Brenda helped us put her house on the market so mom could move in with us. She was there to guide us and went above and beyond to make sure the house would be ready so we could get the best possible offer. We quickly got multiple offers and Brenda sold the house for $thousands$ more than the asking price. We highly recommend Brenda and will definitely work with her again!
    Name: Evelyn Maupin

  • Our mom passed away recently and we had the enormous task of clearing out her home she lived in for 50 years. Brenda Ross was recommend to us by her neighbor. Brenda was truly a lifesaver for my brother and I. She took the lead and walked us through step by step and made the sale go very smoothly. Getting more than the asking price was just an added bonus. Thank you Brenda for your professional advise and kindness through this difficult time. It was truly a pleasure to work with you.
    Name: Jennifer and Richard

  • Brenda worked tirelessly to maximize the value of our home sale and cope with an extremely difficult lender for the buying party.. we would highly recommend her for any real estate transactions!
    Name: adam0183

  • Oh my goodness Brenda is the best of the best. We cannot say enough good things about her. We were in a bit of a time crunch and she made everything happen quickly and smoothly. She has great attention to detail and made sure our house looked great to potential buyers. She's a pleasure to work with. We cannot say thank you enough.
    Name: zuser

  • Brenda Ross is an excellent realtor. She arranged every step in the process of selling our home, from repair work to display set-up, greeting buyers, and finally signing the contract and notary documents. She is very friendly, honest, personable and made us feel good throughout the whole process. She is the BEST! We would enthusiastically recommend her to anyone selling or buying a home.
    Name: Eunai Shrake

  • Brenda Ross is more than a realtor, she is a friend. I had just lost my spouse and finding a new home I could afford on my own was a necessity. I'm sure I wasn't the easiest client to deal with due to my emotional instability. Brenda held my hand (figuratively speaking) through the whole process. She was available to answer any questions I had 24/7. I was always informed ahead of time of what paperwork would be coming via email I would need to read and sign. Honestly, Brenda made this whole process so easy! She knew the ins -and -outs of her business so well. I trusted in her abilities to get me the best deal she could. Brenda Ross truly cares about her clients and exhibits compassion through her actions. I would recommend her a million times over!
    Name: Jennifer Harris

  • Brenda Ross was dedicated to making the sale of my home a memorable, and enjoyable experience, attending to even the smallest of details! She always had my real estate goals uppermost in her preparation, and planning. Her professionalism was evident throughout the entire process!
    Name: pwillardson

  • Brenda Ross is absolutely THE BEST! Her experience and knowledge comes thru in every single aspect in the processes of selling and buying a home. It's her attention to detail and her abundant kindness though that make her so special! She goes above and beyond to not only make sure everything is executed correctly but also to ensure that you and your family are informed and happy. She has developed so many personal relationships with different people and business throughout the community that her referral list for lenders, escrow offices, and/or any home projects or repairs seems unlimited. Brenda Ross is an exceptional realtor, and having bought and sold a home with her, I now also get the privilege of having her as an exceptional friend!
    Name: Susan Dormans

  • Working with Brenda was an absolute pleasure and we could not be more happy with our outcome!

    As first time home-buyers, my wife and I were just about completely lost. We had been working with another agent in Santa Clarita for a few months and were having no luck on any offers we submitted and were not receiving the level care and attention we had hoped for. The lack of information our old agent provided and lack of general help/knowledge she shared with us as new home buyers was next to nothing as well.

    A friend recommended we reach out to Brenda, and oh my word, that was the best decision we ever made. Brenda held our hand through the entire home buying process, what to expect, what to look out for, etc.; but it didn't end there. She was always there to answer any questions we had and answered our calls late in the evening and even when she was on vacation! She really personalizes the process to each of her clients and makes you feel like you’re her only client when in fact she has many others!

    Brenda is well connected, and like she says, even after you’ve purchased your home, you can still call her for anything; contractors, points of interest, or restaurant recommendations! No matter what, she’s always there for you. Brenda actually got 3 of our few home offers approved and got us our dream home! She has such a passion for what she does.

    If you’re looking for utmost care and professionalism with someone who cares about you as much as your mother does, Brenda is your girl. We cannot thank her enough for her hard work and dedication when working with us. We’ve become quite close throughout our home buying process and are so happy that not only is she our realtor, but also a great friend.

    No other agent compares to Brenda, especially if you are a first time homebuyer! Give her a call, you won’t be disappointed, ever!
    Name: Rembrandt Wilson

  • Brenda was excellent in every step of the way from the first time we met her, and even after closing. She's knowledgeable, friendly, organized, driven for results, and warm - a winning combination, as she helped us find our first home.
    Name: VSZ

  • I worked with Brenda recently with the purchase of my current home, and with the sale of my uncle’s house just last month. The process was unbelievably easy and efficient thanks to her expertise. I didn’t expect my uncle’s house to sell in less than two weeks in the middle of a pandemic. She has a true passion for what she does and goes above and beyond working night and day, with the priority being the client at all times. She has connections with everyone which helps ensure the process is done correctly and quickly. She really is truly exceptional, and I would highly recommend her to anyone that wants results and someone that actually listens and cares about them too. She has become a friend in the process and the only person I would go to when purchasing or selling a home. You won’t be disappointed!!!Less

  • We have owned homes in the East Coast and the Mid West. However, our experience with Brenda has been the best we have ever had. Brenda is very professional and considerate. Due to her knowledge, experience, and responsiveness, she made our move to California possible despite the pandemic and working from home. We are very fortunate to have worked with Brenda.
    Name: Maria Kang

  • Brenda was so incredibly kind and patient through the entire process of buying a house. She went above and beyond for me and I could not recommend her enough. She was highly knowledgeable and very efficient. Brenda is great, I feel so lucky to have her help in buying my first home!
    Name: jessicakokas

  • We bought and sold multiple homes with Brenda. She is knowledgeable, professional, and extremely pleasant to work with. Brenda went above and beyond representing us as sellers and contingent buyers. She helped us to sell our house way above asking price, and worked out all technicalities of our contingent purchase. Brenda is an excellent agent, and we'll truly miss working with her. We highly recommend Brenda!
    Name: A. Kutakh

  • I guarantee if you are looking for the BEST Real Estate Agent in the Santa Clarita Valley Brenda Ross is it. She has exceptional knowledge on any question you could think of when buying or selling your home. She helped up purchase back in 2016 and sell just recently in 2020, and both of these transactions were smooth for my Wife and I. Brenda will fight for you and really does make sure you are getting the best deal. She as well is very forward in letting you know if she thinks something is off or if there is a better area for your dollar. We highly recommend Brenda and she will give you the best experience and communication you could ask for. She really is amazing! Thank you Brenda!
    Name: N. Heaps

  • Mrs. B. Ross went far beyond her professional duties of merely showing and recommending homes. She provided us with elaborate information on the surrounding areas, narrowed her recommendations based on what we were looking for and was on top of affairs that had to be taken care of. She showed a level of courtesy and professionalism that was astounding. We only made 1 bid on a home and closed within a month. She was continuously in touch with us, and made sure we understood all the paperwork that had to be read and signed. We highly recommend Brenda Ross for your real estate searches as she is a sublime example of knowledge, kindness and professional know-how.

    Name: Dr. Marcel M. 12/2019

  • We have been incredibly lucky to have Brenda as our agent. She has surpassed our expectations during the whole home selling process. She worked very hard throughout the selling and got multiple offers for our house on the second day on the market. We closed our escrow in a month. I strongly recommend Brenda. Thanks so much Brenda!
    Name: Rhonda S. 11/2019

  • Let me start by saying Brenda Ross is the absolute definition of professional! We were referred to Brenda over a year ago and our initial impression of Brenda was highly positive. Brenda has a lot of energy and she is always positive no matter what the situation. We were in the market for a home, and had some specific options we weren't willing to budge from. Brenda assured us that we would not have to budge from what we wanted in a home and we would definitely not have to settle. She let us know we were in good hands, and we would get the home we wanted. As we started to view many homes with Brenda, all were nice but none of them had enough of what we were looking for, unfortunately. After months of looking at homes and not finding one we really could call "home" we did start to get a little frustrated. While we started to get frustrated, Brenda never once had a change in her attitude or work ethic and she continued to stay positive and let us know we would get the right home. Brenda never altered her demeanor and she continued to work hard to find us the right home. As more time went on we slowly started to become apathetic and disinterested. We had planned on waiting for the market to change, and decided to continue renting for another 24-36 months. The week we were going to renew our apartment lease, Brenda reached out telling us she had the perfect house for us! We went the very next day to look at the house and we were almost in shock! The house had everything we were looking for and then some and we could not believe the timing on this. We literally were going to renew the lease on our apartment the week before but got busy with work. Everything happens for a reason but the timing on this was almost unbelievable. Brenda was absolutely incredible the entire way and even when a few small road bumps came into play, Brenda quickly resolved them all. We could NOT of gotten a better realtor and we are EXTREMELY fortunate to of found Brenda. We closed on our home from start to finish in 30 days which is incredible in and of itself. Brenda has MANY connections with anyone who is someone in the industry. Without Brenda, none of this would of happened and we'd still be renting an apartment with an annual increase in rent year over year. We were very fortunate to of found Brenda and will be referring people to her any opportunity we get!
    Name: Derek P 07/2018

  • Brenda is a consummate professional. She helped us sell our townhouse for top dollar and buy our new home below market value. She is very knowledgeable of the Santa Clarita housing market and knows the business inside and out. We would highly recommend Brenda!!
    Name: Leilani C.

  • Brenda is a consummate professional who would go all out to ensure her client's interests are served. She worked diligently to ensure a smooth transaction for us and facilitated frequent communication between all parties involved. Thank you, Brenda!
    Name: Yang Ling

  • I am proud to say I've bought multiple properties with Brenda. She is my GO-TO agent and always has an exact handle on the marketplace and when there is a great deal to be made. She continually goes above and beyond for her clients, from the JUST LOOKING phase to P.O. and INSPECTION and POST CLOSING. You wont find a better agent out there. I would highly recommend Brenda!
    Name: Chris C.

  • Brenda Ross is an amazing real estate broker! She always goes above and beyond to make sure buying or selling a house is as easy as possible. I have used her to buy and sell different homes for the last decade. She has always worked to get me the very best possible deal.
    Name: Tracy J.

  • Brenda Ross has been my real estate agent for more than 25 years. She is the most responsible agent I have ever used. She returns phone calls the same day. She always has a smile on her face, even if things are not going well. I just sold my house and two buyers fell out. She was never discouraged and within 3 days she had a new buyer and our house closed in less than 30 days. She bent over backwards to make it easy with very little stress, and I would highly recommend her as a realtor.
    Name: Cal K.

  • And the award for Best Realtor of the Year goes to...Brenda Ross!!!!! Brenda Ross has helped us BUY AND SELL our last three homes. WHY IS SHE THE VERY BEST? 1. The moment we called her with the decision to buy or sell our house/s, she came within hours to help us construct a plan. 2. She had the expertise and understanding of the market to price our house correctly for a quick sale. Each time we have listed it with Brenda, we have had multiple offers within 24 hours, and we've sold our house/s within two weeks. 3. She never left our side and explained every inch of the process -- from the sale to the close of escrow. 4. She was proactive and able to foresee any obstacles before they occurred. 5. She is upbeat and positive, and SHE GETS THE JOB DONE!!!!! Thank you, Brenda for all you've done and continue to do for our family. You have become our dear, dear friend and there is no one we trust more that you with our future in the housing market.
    Name: User0750473

  • We had purchased our house from Brenda and was so helpful and knowledgeable of the area. We were from out of state and had dealt with another realtor who was not as wonderful as Brenda. When we had to move out of state there was no one we knew who would be more helpful and honest in dealing with selling our home.. Brenda goes out of her way to make sure everything works out the way that you would like. A VERY TRUSTWORTHY,KNOWLEDGABLE PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Name: User20140618

  • I have purchased and sold several homes and Brenda is by far the most professional and knowledgeable realtor I have ever worked with. She was able to answer all my questions and was patient with me even when I asked the same questions over and over. Throughout my home search Brenda remembered my likes and dislikes and found the perfect home for me. Brenda made my home purchase seem effortless and stress free; I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to purchase a home in the Santa Clarita Valley. I would highly recommend Brenda!
    Name: Gail M.

  • Brenda is one the most caring, aggressive, and knowledgeable realtors I know. After 15 years in the business myself, I know a lot of realtors across the country! Southern California got a great gem when she decided to be a realtor there. She doesn't try to get customers in a home but she gets them in the "RIGHT" home and while looking out for their short-term and long-term future! Have known her now for over 5 years and still has that drive to be the best but not at someone's expense. Southern Cal, and Santa Clarita Valley area you couldn't find a better realtor! She continues to put up with me and try to find me the right investment property! It doesn't matter to her if she is showing a 100,000 or 3,000,000 house she gives the same attention and advise to all! Thank you, Brenda!
    Name: Eric M.

  • Brenda is super professional and attentive. On more than one occasion, other agents would comment about her professionalism. She consistently followed up on details (and increased her frequency as we got further along in the process). I would highly recommend Brenda!
    Name: Chris J.

  • This is the second home I've purchased with Brenda's help. First time I used her services was in 2008 when we needed to find a house fast and she helped us get a turn key home in Stevenson Ranch! This time, I was buying by myself and although there was already an offer in on the house, she got my offer accepted within 1 day from the offer. You can count on Brenda to get all the details done, from the inspection to insurance to the tedious escrow process. Highly recommend! And of course, I would use her again.
    Name: Jackie M.

  • Brenda was fantastic. Dealing with her and her team made the process painless. She engaged other professionals when needed and took no short-cuts. I would highly recommend her services. Thanks again Brenda!
    Name: Gregg H.

  • Brenda Ross is an amazing real estate professional. This was my first time buying, and she made the process painless and very comfortable for me. She is always quick to communicate, and helped me every step of the way through. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to buy or sell!
    Name: Bleff

  • Brenda has successfully sold several high end homes for us in addition to buying a custom home building site and more recently closing on a foreclosure property. She has great local knowledge of the area, is very professional and personable. I would highly recommend Brenda Ross.
    Name: Ellen M.

  • Brenda is the best. She is professional while still being understanding of the emotional toll buying/selling a home takes. She is thorough, taking the time to go through all the paperwork in detail. She makes sure you understand everything before signing anything. She knows what it takes to get a home sold and will tell you straightforwardly what you need to do to get your home ready. And her knowledge of the SCV is unparalleled. I have one more thing to say. Thanks to Brenda's expertise I got a full price offer one day after I listed my home. Enough said!
    Name: Socalbabs

  • To anyone who needs a realtor - Brenda Ross gets the job done! She starts at the beginning with suggestions on staging (which I suggest you adhere to them exactly as she instructs) which will put your house to shine in the best possible light. She knows what she is doing, delivers on her promises and on top of that, she sold our house in a week. (and that was for more than any other realtor we interviewed was even willing to list it for) And her tenacity does not stop there. She follows through and goes beyond the extra mile to make sure that all paperwork , appraisals, inspections, etc. are done quickly and correctly the first time. Great Job! I would highly recommend Brenda!
    Name: User5006794

  • Brenda is very helpful and very knowledgeable on what she does. She helped us find our beautiful home and she has good eyes for good houses. She is easy to talk to and very welcoming, just treats you like a family! We felt at ease and at home with her from the moment we met her. I totally recommend her to anybody who would want to purchase or sell their house. We just had an amazing experience with her and we love her service!!! Thank you again Brenda!
    Name: Rixie P.

  • Brenda was a dream to work with! She always made us feel as if we were her number one priority, no matter what time of day. Both in the sale of our old home and purchase of our new, Brenda was there every step of the way. Her expertise helped us to seamlessly navigate both transactions without any hiccups.---both deals closed on time as planned! I would give Brenda my highest recommendation!
    Name: Michele B.

  • Brenda was a dream to work with! She always made us feel as if we were her number one priority, no matter what time of day. Both in the sale of our old home and purchase of our new, Brenda was there every step of the way. Her expertise helped us to seamlessly navigate both transactions without any hiccups.---both deals closed on time as planned! I would give Brenda my highest recommendation!
    Name: Jason M.

  • It is my pleasure to write a review for Brenda Ross. She helped guide us each step, making sure our decisions were thought out. She wasn't afraid of telling us what we needed to hear, not what we wanted to hear. She showed us how to make the house look presentable and more than just clean. Brenda has such a large group of contacts she pulls from that you know she has the experience to get things done. Her positive attitude and outlook brought me comfort when I needed it. I used her to buy and sell and I would do so again without hesitation, she is everything I could want in a Realtor.
    Name: Wrkrbeez
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